Newsweek writes about houses with heart

Revitalisation of old houses is a difficult and expensive task that brings all the benefits to the city dwellers and the city itself 

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New, better Praga

Compared to the London docks or Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, Warsaw Praga thrives again. Global corporations plan to invest here. Once neglected, revitalised buildings turn into architectural gems. Consider buying a property in one of the restored houses in Praga, and before that read the article in "Wprost".
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Monuments have no time to waist

What is the impact of an accidentally found pre-war drawing on revitalization? How to recover the facade’s decorative elements? And why once functional beautiful old railings are too low for us today? All this, and more about the rays and shadows of revitalization, can be read in an interview with Jacek Studziński in "Kurier Warszawski".  Read the full article ...

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The new face of Old Praga

Bad reputation of Old Praga is gone. It is no longer considered the worse part of Warsaw. Currently gentrified area of the city attracts many new residents and investors. Okrzei, Targowa, Kępna, Jagielońska will soon have a chance to belong to the best addresses in the city, also thanks to the revitalised stylish tenements. More in the article published in "Forbes".

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Weekday pre-war Warsaw Praga

How did the residents of Warsaw live before the war? Who built these houses and who lived there? How did a typical apartment in Praga look like? Which way did horse trams run? In which direction did the trains go from Warsaw? Where were the great fairs of Warsaw and to which schools did the daughters of affluent burghers attend? 

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Immortal hearts of tenements in Warsaw

The aesthetics of downtown is comparable to European capitals. The result of the work of Fenix ​​Group is a combination of stylish houses with functional solutions, adapted to contemporary standards. More about revitalisation of Warsaw tenements in the article

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